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STEMrev Program for 2018 Winter-Spring Semester

All of our projects are FUN and HANDS ON and designed for teens 12 to 15 to bring out their natural curiosity. Adult mentors who understand the principles of the projects are on hand at each program site to encourage experimentation, foster collaboration between students, and answer question.

All clubs are open to everybody bring your parents and siblings if you want!!

South Boulder Club
Mondays at 5:00 to 6:00 pm MST at the Manhattan Community Center, 660 Manhattan Drive, Boulder CO

North Boulder Club
Wednesday at 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm MST at the Diagonal Court Community Center, 3265 30th Street, Boulder CO

Projects by Week

January 22 and 24 – Fun with Food! Learn how chemistry affects the food we prepare

January 29 and 31– Need a Lift? Build a working mini-hydraulic lift or excavator

February 5 and 7 – Hot Ice! Whaat? Experimenting with the solidifying properties of a super-cooled liquid

February 12 and 14 – Storm the Castle! Build a popsicle stick trebuchet and score points in mock battle

February 19 and 21– Casino Night! Beat the odds by using math

February 26  and 28– Shock it to Me! Explore the properties and power of electricity

Week of March 5 – Build Your Own Toolbox! Sponsored by the Metalworkers, Electricians and Plumbers Alliance
(All clubs will go one site on the same day. Transportation is provided Exact date TBD.)

March 12 and 14 – So La Ti Da! Learn about sound waves and measurements while building a xylophone

March 19 and 21– Thar She Blows! Exploring wind power

Week of March 26 – No STEMrev for Spring Break 🙁

April 2 and 4 – Ride the Rails! Part 1 Team build of a K’nex mini-rollercoaster

April 9 and 11 – Ride the Rails! Part 2 Team build of a K’nex mini-rollercoaster

A Week of April 16 – Field Trip! Special tour of the Sheet Metal Apprenticeship School of Colorado*
(All clubs will go on the field trip on the same day.Transportation is provided. Exact date TBD.)

April 23 – Leaves of Green! Testing the chemical properties of plants

April 30 – Prepare for Lift Off! Building rockets and launch pads

May 7 – Rockets away! Launch day!*
(All clubs will go on the field trip on the same day. Transportation is provided. Exact date TBD.)

* Travel permission slip needed